The 2015 Piano Collection from By Kepi; a design for all seasons

By Kepi has started 2015 in style, with the “Piano Collection”, drawing inspiration from the leading instrument in the best compositions of all time.

With furniture designs that have made an impact, By Kepi is now creating the classic of the future with the “Piano Collection”, through graceful and noble touches on the spaces of today.

With the slogan “Sound of Kepi”, the Piano Collection from By Kepi is presented as a holistic understanding of decoration. The specially designed polished wooden wall concept adds additional style to dining rooms. The Piano Collection concept can be viewed at By Kepi stores, including all of the finishing touches from wallpaper to lighting, flooring to drapes.

The dining room groups in the Piano Collection draw inspiration from the chicness and grace of the piano and aim to provide quality in every detail. The collection leaves an impression of privilege from the get go and does not compromise on quality.

By Kepi has also been inspired by the immortality of classic cars. The timeless style of these cars, combined with careful workmanship and an understanding of high quality, creates a striking effect.

Each piece of the collection is so original and so more valuable. This collection will increase in value over time and become antiques in the future. Each component, each feature, from the brass used to the textiles and polish, each material used in production are of only the best quality.

The Piano Collection, carrying bloodlines from the classical and art deco styles with high aesthetic value, is equipped to stand the test of time. The series will appreciate in time like a painting and make the style of today a classic. The Piano Collection offers owners a style that no goes out and will become a classic, that they will be able to enjoy for years, and maybe find in antique shops in the future. In this way, By Kepi is happy to announce that we are designing the classics of the future, starting right now!

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